"Poughkeepsie Harbor, 1888".  9'x18', (c) 2014 located at the Ice House Restaurant, Waryas Park, Poughkeepsie, NY
"House of Oil" is a new sculpture recently installed at the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper, NY as part of the 2016 Outdoor Sculpture Park on Rt. 28.  This piece is made of partial recycled materials and incorporates photo transparencies illuminated by a solar panel on the roof of the painted house. This piece addresses the issue of the use of polluting oil as compared to the use of clean solar to accomplish the same need for energy. Old dirty energy vs. new clean energy.  (c) 2016.
"FRANC PALAIA is a multi media artist living and working in Rhinebeck NY. I work in several media which include, photography, murals, sculpture, artist's books, functional art, and illuminated mixed media works incorporating a variety of materials. This website will inform you of these varied works as well as familiarize you with my biographical background. I also work independently as a curator, educator, signmaker, TV producer and musician.  All the artworks here are available for purchase and commissions for public art are appreciated. To purchase or commission a project get in touch with me at the contact button".
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The Historic Hyde Park mural measures 12’x 50’ and celebrates the many important historic sites in this small Dutchess County town,  the hometown of FDR. The mural imagery includes, the FDR Library and Museum, (the first presidential Library in the USA), the  Vanderbilt Mansion, the iconic Eveready Diner sign, Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt’s House and Museum, the popular Farmer’s Market,  The annual Fourth of July parade, St. James Chapel, the FDR commissioned Post Office, the Culinary Institute of America and the  Hyde ParkDriv e-In theatre, one of the few remaining and operating Drive-Ins in America. Along the bottom of the mural are yellow  daffodils and flowers that bloom every Spring along Route 9 through most of the town. Mural location,- Route 9 and Pinewoods Rd.