"FRANC PALAIA is a multi media artist living and working in Rhinebeck NY. and New Jersey I work in several media which include, photography, murals,
SHADOWMAN, a new documentary film by Oren Jacoby. The 90 feature film follows the pioneer street artist, Richard Hambleton from his early days from when he first arrived in NYC from Vanvouver Canada. He began painting black shadow figures all over Soho, Tribeca and the East Village during the cover of darkness. He painted hundreds of them and they scared the daylights out of passersby. Franc Palaia, of Rhinebeck, was the first person to photograph this important street art series and has 30 of his shadow photographs in the Shadowman film. Shadowman was screened at he Tribeca Film Festival last year to rave reviews. My book, NightLife, the Shadow Paintings of Richard Hambleton, chronicles over 75 of these shadow paintings. Signed copies of the full color book are available for $25.plus shipping. Contact Franc at Francpalaia1@gmail.com for more information about the book and film screenings of Shadowman in the Hudson Valley. The director Oren Jacoby and Franc Palaia will be at the screenings to introduce the film.
I have several large Shadowman photos included in a group memorial show on Richrd Hambleton at ACA GALLERIES - 529 W. 20 st, Chelsea, NY until Sept 2018. for more info contact me at 845-516-4758. These photos are from my book on Hambleton's shadow painting he did in NYC and Europe. The book is NightLife.  available from the artist- $25. signed and tax included.
as a curator, educator, signmaker, TV producer and musician. 
This website will inform you of these varied works as well as familiarize you with my biographical background. I also work independently
sculpture, artist's books, functional art,
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Photo-sculptures is a continuing series of large-scale mixed media photographic works that incorporate four mediums in each piece, photography, sculpture, painting and even architecture. They are fabricated using a variety of materials which include primarily archival color photograph with the following media applied which includes paint, collage,spray,  found objects, faux cement and all mounted on large slabs of Polystyrene or Styrofoam.  Their scale range from a few feet up to 8 feet. They simulate urban walls with images culled from a variety of countries such as Italy, France, Cuba, Germany, and the US. They appear to be realistic when viewed in person but are actually completely simulated and look convincingly real. These works look heavy but are physically feather light, they look old, but they are new and they look real but are totally simulated"
and illuminated mixed media works incorporating a variety of materials.
All the artworks here are available for purchase and commissions for public art are appreciated. To purchase or commission a project get in touch with me at francpalaia1@gmail.com
In protest of the Putin-Russian invasion of independent Ukraine
“Ti Amo SAM”,(Xi Jing Pin) (side B) 2021, Dry fresco, mixed media on Polystyrene, 72”x50”x8”
“WALL WORKS” a solo show of photo sculpture and frescoes are on view at the Hudson Beach Glass gallery at 162 Main st. Beacon NY. hours. Open every day 10 to 6pm. The show runs thru June 8.
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Franc is interviewed by Tom Hill on the "Library Cafe" radio podcast from Vassar College.